Welcome to the Kez and Bell go to Vietnam WikiaEdit

We're going to Vietnam, mofo's!

Goooooooood morning Vietnam!Edit

A page for Kez and Bell to add stuff to plan Vietnam 2016!

International flights:


Accommodation ideas: - A homestay. Lots of good reviews. 25 bucks a night! - A good price, has 2 beds, pretty central and had a washing machine - This place looks really good, but only one review thus far. We should keep an eye on it to see if any more reviews pop online - A few good reviews, and it looks nice - Nice and cheap, but they can organise airport pickups

Things to do:


Halong Bay:

Accommodation/tour ideas: - This is cheap, well rated online, and included transfers from Hanoi, time on Ha Long Bay and a night on Cat Ba Island.

Read this article. Thoughts??

Things we want to do:

Notes: The best way I have found, to get to Halong Bay, is to do a tour which includes Hanoi transfers. In most cases this includes a mini bus that isn't crap.


Investigate different trekking trips



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